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Why Stop Now Movie Review

Written by   // 08/20/2012

why stop now movie review and recap, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan, Jesse EisenbergWhy Stop Now Movie Review

In this week’s “Released On Demand Same Day as Theatre” IFC’s “Why Stop Now” Jesse Eisenberg (Holy Rollers, The Social Network) stars as Eli, a promising piano talent. His success is hindered by his drug addict mom, Penny, played by Melissa Leo (The Fighter, 21 Grams), and her dealer, Sprinkles, played by Tracy Morgan (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock). Along with dealing with his drug addict mom, Eli is also forced to take on the subsquent responsibity of caring for his little sister, Nicole (played by Emma Rayne Lyle).

When Eli is offered an audition to a prestigious school he is faced with the dilema of getting his mom checked into rehab so she can coherently take care of her daughter, and he can peacefully move on to pursue his goals. Melissa Leo once again steals the show with her heartful and flawless performance, which I believe could earn her even more kudos. As the drug addict mom, Penny, she also pulls off shining moments of motherhood that give you hope in her character and her recovery.

Why Stop Now” is a heartfealt comedy/drama that I recommend you buy On Demand tonight and enjoy. On a scale of Jesse Eisenburg movies from 30 Minutes or Less to The Social Network this is an Adventureland.


Why Stop Now” Drama/Comedy

Directed/Written by Philip Dorling, Ron Nyswaner

Available On Demand Same Day as Theatre


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Why Stop Now Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Jesse Eisenberg Movie HD


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