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Will HBO’s Long Gone Series The Comeback Make a REAL Comeback?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/29/2013

Will HBO's Long Gone Series Comeback Make a REAL Comeback?Will HBO’s Long Gone Series The Comeback Make a REAL Comeback?



Here’s the latest on The Comeback from Ask Ausiello At, May 28th, 2013.



Question: I’ve been hearing rumors of a possible The Comeback revival for years – any developments on that subject? Valerie Cherish has been gone for far too long. —Sarah

Ausiello: Funny you should ask. With TV resurrections all the rage these days (see also: Veronica Mars,Arrested Development), Scandal co-star Dan Bucatinsky — who served as an EP on the late, great HBO comedy alongside Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King — admits a Kickstarter-driven Comebackcontinuation has “definitely” crossed his mind. “It feels like the kind of show that would have the kind of groundswell of support, so it’s an exciting prospect,” he says. “It’s something that crosses all of our minds… But you do not want to come back just for the sake of coming back, because people want you to have something [new] to say that it pushes things even further. So, it would just be a matter of all of us coming together and being on the same page about what is the next chapter, or the next couple of chapters, for Valerie Cherish. I have a very hard time believing that we could go on too many more years without seeing her again. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. I’m just saying we all would love it to.”


The Comeback is Canceled/Ended.


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