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Will TNT’s Leverage Be Picked Up For A Sixth Season?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/10/2012

TNT Leverage Renewal For Sixth SeasonSeason 5 of Leverage on TNT

Leverage is a popular show on TNT, so popular, in fact, that in 2010 Leverage held the distinction of being the most DVR’d show in the world. Season five is now well under way and the fans of Leverage are on Twitter and Facebook promoting the show and writing, tweeting and e-mailing TNT about picking the show up for a sixth season. Please tune in and write TNT with your thoughts if you want to see this great show continued.



Here’s a little recap of Who’s Who on TNT’s Leverage

Timothy Hutton plays Nate Ford. His father was a con man and ran a poker game out of the back of a Boston bar when he was growing up. Nate went the straight and narrow route, working for an insurance company, having a family. He traveled the world catching thieves and recovering stolen items to save the company millions in claims. When it came time for that company to approve the procedure that would save his son’s life, they denied his claim. Nate watched his own son die. His marriage crumbled and so did Nate, he became a drunk. A strange twist of fate turned him into the mastermind of the Leverage crew, some of the same criminals he used to hunt down, the best of the best.TNT Leverage Cast  Will it be renewed for 6th season?

Gina Bellman plays Sophie, but that’s not her real name. Everyone knows her real name except Nate. First because she was punishing him but now because he was drunk when she told him and he doesn’t remember. Sophie is a Grifter. She’s an actress too, anyone who has seen her on the stage loves her too much to tell her what they really think. As a grifter her acting is letter perfect.

Aldis Hodge plays Alec Hardison. He’s not just a hacker, he’s the man every hacker would like to be. His knowledge of electronics, computers and electrical systems as well as his ability to find out anything about anybody anywhere in the world makes him a Superhacker; it’s like having super powers. He also plays a mean violin.

Beth Riesgraf plays Parker and she’s a super thief. In one interview they mentioned that her ability to remember types of locks, vaults, safes and alarm systems almost like a savant! She was an orphan and had a hard time with foster families until a master thief found her and trained her. He’s the father she never had.

Christian Kane plays Eliot Spencer, the retrieval specialist (and hitter). Eliot is ex-special forces among other things revealed through the course of the show. He hates guns, quickly disarming anyone who threatens a member of his team. He’s also a chef and a musician. In this season’s episode 3, The First Contact Job, Eliot got to try his hand at acting with Sophie as his director via ear bud. You can catch the replay on TNT Sunday at 9:00 AM EST, or on

This Sunday, August 12th at 8:00 PM EST on TNT is The French Connection Job and spoilers are out stating that Eliot will be cooking.

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Check out the promo video of Leverage 5X04 The French Connection



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