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Wreck It Ralph 3D Movie Review

Written by   // 11/23/2012

Wreck It Ralph Movie Review 3D 2012Wreck-It Ralph 3D Movie Review by CineMarvellous!

Brief review: From “The Simpsons” TV series director, Rich Moore, “Wreck-it Ralph” is yet another winner from the esteemed Walt Disney Animation Studios, that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. What makes this gem of an animation as complex as it is, is the fact that it manages to be visually breathtaking, without compromising on the plot and character development. The unique and wonderfully-conceived story successfully pays homage to the classic arcade video games we all loved, and grown up with, hence, it brings back precious memories from our childhood. “Wreck-it Ralph” may be lively and playful, but it’s not all about fun and games, as it has a softer, emotional side that teaches it’s okay to be different, as well as a powerful moral message for children, about giving chance to misfits. The film also has a very charming and lovable, main character with quirky personality and big heart, that many kids can relate to, and an adorable and very memorable heroine. Visually, “Wreck-it Ralph” is absolutely stunning to look at. The largely experienced Disney animators once again demonstrate an almost explosive imagination, and cleverly and skillfully mix together different styles of animation, with the end result being a brilliant blend of old, new, classic and contemporary CG graphics, that are also bright and incredibly colorful. The 3D effects, while far from spectacular, add detail and depth to the imagery.
Overall summary: Clever, thoroughly original, delightfully nostalgic, and emotionally heartfelt, “Wreck-it Ralph” is a smashing entertainment for children and adults alike, that not only dazzles with its vividly beautiful 3D imagery, but also has a surprising amount of heart and soul.
Overall CineMarvellous! Rating – 8.00 Stars out of 10


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