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Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Review

Written by   // 10/22/2012

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines ReviewWrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Review by CineMarvellous!

Brief review: 5? Seriously? Let’s all hope it’s the last, because this franchise really got milked to death. Yes, the original was great gory fun and turned into some sort of modern horror classic, and the first sequel was a passable entertainment as well, but the next three installments, including this one, were just plain awful and rather unnecessary. “Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines” is every bit as terrible as 2009′s entry, “Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead”, and not at all worth-seeing, unless you are a die-hard gore freak. Pretty much everything about this stupid sequel is wrong, from the wildly unimaginative script, shallow dialogues and stereotypical characters, to the hideous direction, laughably bad make-up effects and below par execution. Moreover, it would be a complete waste of time to mention anything about the storyline, simply because such is lacking. To be able to create a decent plot for a horror movie, you need some fresh ideas, tiny bit of imagination and some inspiration, but obviously director Declan O’Brien didn’t think of that, as he delivered arguably the most dull, generic and lazy sequel in the series. No need to mention that such important factors as scares and suspense are completely non-existent, but at least the kill scenes aren’t that terrible. Yes, the gore looks quite fake, but there’s loads of it, and the deaths are fairly well-executed, and gross enough to please most blood-lusty horror buffs out there.
Overall summary: A couple of cool, yet repulsively gory death scenes aside, “Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines” is yet another unnecessary entry in the already drained franchise, with no plot, zero scares, cheap make-up effects, awful execution, and dumb, poorly-acted characters.
CineMarvellous Rating: 3.00 stars out of 10
Wrong Turn 5: Bloodline Out on DVD and BluRay 10/23/2012

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